Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Rush: Dems Against Anything Good for America

Rush Limbaugh claims:

". . . I think the Democrats are telling us exactly who they are.

They are anti-war. They are anti-military, anti-victory, and anything good that happens in this country, folks, is not going to help them the way they've positioned themselves. I mean, how would you...? Who is the brain that put this party in this position? If you were in politics, how would you like this position? The only way that you benefit is if the country is in misery. The only way you benefit is if we lose in Iraq, we lose everywhere we go, we have soup lines, constant national disasters, natural disasters, everything going to hell in a hand basket. That's what it takes for you to win. Who is the wizard that constructed this party in this way? They're all doing it together because that's how they view the future. They look at things and see doom and gloom. In fact, liberalism is a doom and gloom PsyOps operation. The media is their propaganda arm. Their whole outlook is doom and gloom.

They have a PsyOps operation they've been running on this country for 50 years. Psychological operations to convince everybody that there's nothing ahead but doom and gloom, utter misery and despair, and they've got their propaganda arm, the mainstream press, to plant the stories every day. But it has resulted not in what they figured. Their triumphant return to power. In fact, they are now marginalizing themselves with people actually questioning their patriotism, not just their judgment. Questioning their sanity, questioning their real intentions

What about the Republicans?: "They still remain their optimistic and cheerful selves."

For the text of his full remarks see: "What Will the Left Be Left With in '06?"

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